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Dr. Grammar


Dr. GrammarThe Dr. Grammar website is dedicated to Professor James HiDuke who developed this site (with the assistance of Tom  Peterson and his computer expertise) and was Dr. Grammar from the  site’s beginning in 1999 until his death on November 17, 2003. “Within a few months of its inception, the Dr. Grammar site was receiving 11,000 hits a month from people around the United States and more than 120 countries.  Questions came  from all walks of life, including students, congressmen,  national television networks and radio personalities” (Northern  Iowan Today).  This site’s success is due to the vision  and commitment of Jim HiDuke, and it is our intent to honor  his work and to continue the tradition he established in his service as Dr. Grammar.

UNI's Dr. Grammar in Memoriam
(Eulogy by Dr. Jeffrey Copeland)

"Elegy" by Vince Gotera
(an acrostic poem for Jim HiDuke)

Interview on Iowa Public Television
(Requires Real Media Player. Don't have it? Download it.)